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Squishy Face Studio Tough Teaser Cat Exercise Toy with 2 Lures

Squishy Face Studio Tough Teaser Cat Exercise Toy with 2 Lures

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Based on Squishy Face Studio's Flirt Pole V2 for dogs, the Tough Teaser is a durable, USA made, high quality alternative to common cat teaser wands. Here's why it's worth the extra money:

  1. The wand or pole section is made of strong, yet lightweight plastic instead of thin fiberglass, which creates dangerous splinters when it breaks.
  2. The handle is a tough, rubberized vinyl instead of a soft foam, which can be dangerous if chewed and ingested.
  3. The cord is a marine grade bungee cord instead of a flimsy string or plastic fishing line, which can be easily chewed through. The bungee also allows it to stretch when your high energy cat flys across the room to catch the lure, preventing a "whiplash" injury.
  4. The lure connection is an interlocking loop system instead of a metal clip, which can break your cat's teeth if chomped hard enough.
  5. The lure is the same "wiggly worm" design that cats go bonkers for, but ours is much larger and doesn't have any metal bells or glued on plastic eyeballs that can easily be ingested or damage teeth.

  • Comes with 2 Lures and Replacement Packs are Available Separately
  • Pole is 24", Cord is 42", Lure is 12"
  • Keeps Cats Heathly with Exercise and Happy by Stimulating their Prey Drive
  • Good for Cats and Kittens of All Sizes and Ages

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